Why Wellspring?

I pose that question from three contexts:

“Why did you change Calvary Chapel Ooltewah’s name to ‘Wellspring Church’? Are you still a Calvary Chapel? 

Yes, we are still proudly a Calvary Chapel. I believe passionately in the Calvary Chapel ministry model. We are and will be defined, in part, by that ministry model that believes in grace, the Word, the Holy Spirit… As a matter of fact, part of the reason for the name change was to better communicate many of those principles in our church mission and vision–just to a community that isn’t as familiar with the Calvary Chapel movement as perhaps other areas of the country are. They may have never heard of Calvary Chapel. Or, if they have, they may not know what we’re all about.

But ‘Wellspring’… A wellspring is the source of something, usually in never-ending supply. A wellspring is exactly what Jesus was describing when offering the living water to the world. When He promised that the Holy Spirit would satiate, indwell, and burst forth from us in torrents of power, He was describing a wellspring. When He invited the Samaritan woman at the well to drink of the living water and never thirst again, He was inviting her to the wellspring, and to become a wellspring.

That’s us. That’s our church vision–to seek out the lost, forgotten, discarded, thirsty… to not only fill their needs, but to then send them out to fill needs.

Yes. That’s us. That’s our history and, by His power, our future. We’re a congregation of people who have accepted the offer, drink deeply, and want to flow into the lives of others.

We want to be known for that. Not a town. Not even a model that we passionately believe in. But instead the mission that we’re most passionate about, and which we pray God’s direction and power to every day.

“Why Wellspring Church? I’ve never liked the whole ‘church thing’, so why should I come to yours?”

Well… Not to sound arrogant, but… Because we have what you need more than anything else in the world. And the source of that is so loving, gracious and powerful, He has enough of it to fill you up and flow out of you into the lives of others. At Wellspring Church, you’ll be taught the Word of God in such a way that it makes sense, both in immediate context and as a holistic whole. You’ll be taught the Word with practical application in mind. It offers answers to every question you’ll ever have, and that’s how we teach it.

But also… Because at Wellspring Church, we want to offer you Jesus, not religion. We actually kind of bristle at empty religion. Instead, we’re passionate about a relationship, and we’d like to see you in that same relationship, and equally as passionate about it. Instead of religion, we’d like to see you fall in love with Jesus.

He’ll take you from there.

“Why Wellspring Church? I love church! Why should I choose Wellspring over others?”

Well, quite frankly, you may not need to. If you’re in a good Bible-teaching, Spirit directed, Jesus-honoring church, why move? You may be exactly where God has plans for you to be rooted, fed, loved, and serving. If that’s the case, then please stay where you’re at, serve the church to glorify Christ, pray for your pastor and leadership, and pray for Wellspring any time you think of us.

But if you feel the Lord directing you to find a new church, we’d love for you to come visit and prayerfully consider whether God would plug you in here and join in as a part of the torrent that flows forth from the church. As mentioned, you’ll learn the Bible, and learn to apply it in very practical ways. We teach through the Bible, verse by verse, in an expository manner. You’ll be loved. This fellowship is based on God’s agape, unconditional love. You’ll be challenged. We believe that the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, and Christian fellowship all work together to produce radical change in the believer’s life. And you’ll be supported in that challenge–not judged. Galatians 6:1,2 instruct us to support one another in our burdens as we all follow Jesus together.

So, why Wellspring Church?

There are too many reasons to list. Please come by and check us out. I’m positive you’ll see.


I hope to meet you soon,

Pastor Alan

Wellspring Church

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