We want you to feel comfortable and welcomed at Wellspring Church, so we’d like to tell you what to expect.

Parking at our current location can fill up pretty quickly, but we have overflow parking a couple of lots down. Our hope is that you get a spot right next to the door, so we encourage our ‘regulars’ to park in the overflow lot and leave as much of our parking available for visitors. We value your time and interest as you search for the church that God would call you to, and hope that your time with us on Sunday mornings will be a huge blessing from start to finish.

You’ll be welcomed by a greeter at the door, so please feel free to ask any questions that you may have. They’ll happily show you where the coffee, refreshments, restrooms and nursing mother’s room are–and will help you check your kids safely into our children’s ministry where they’ll be cared for, protected, entertained and nurtured in the Word of God with age-appropriate lessons. If your kids feel uncomfortable with the new surroundings and would prefer to sit in the sanctuary with you, they are welcome to do so. Jesus didn’t even have a microphone and PA system like we do, and He said, “Let the children come to me.” We love kids here. They are welcome.

Our average attendance at this season of ministry is generally between 30-50 people, so it will be easy to meet and plug into our group. Wellspring is a very ‘authentic’ group of people. It’s a group of people that love Jesus, love others, and are earnestly seeking transformation through our relationship with Jesus, while admitting we don’t have it completely together all the time. That’s why we need Jesus!

Our worship is a blend of contemporary and traditional. We believe that worship is important and prepares the heart for the Word, so we give it a lot of importance in our services. Lyrics are projected so that you can join in to glorifying God.

We teach verse by verse in an expository manner. We choose a book of the Bible and teach all the way through it, giving great care to teach what it says, in context, and applicably–with the expectation that it will pierce our hearts and guide us to changed lives. If you’d like to sample our teaching, you can find us on Youtube, or check our our ‘Sermons’ page. It would be a great way to get caught up with where we are in scripture before you visit!

We don’t pass a collection plate; there is an agape box in the back of the sanctuary where you can discretely give your offering. We believe that giving is an important act of worship and submission to God. But we believe that it’s between you and God, and that you should give as the Spirit leads–not as the church bullies. So, we don’t beat the congregation up for money here. We teach on money when the scripture speaks on it as we teach through the Bible. That’s often enough for us. (Besides, we feel like it’s our responsibility to support Wellspring’s ministry, not our visitors’. So please just come and be served without thinking about money and offerings and such.)

We believe that fellowship is an important part of the Christian walk, so we schedule fellowship events often. The second Sunday of the month is our fellowship lunch after service. We encourage you to take part in those. They’re a great way to get to know the people here at Wellspring, and we’re convinced that when you get to know our people, you’ll plug in quickly.

We hope to meet you soon and pray that the Lord leads you to the church home that He’s calling you to–where you can plug in, be encouraged, and begin exercising your spiritual gifts through service that glorifies Him and builds His church.