Wellspring Church has been formed as a fellowship of believers in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Our supreme desire is to know Christ, to be conformed into His image by the power of the Holy Spirit, and to be used in the lives of others in coming to know Him.

We are not a denominational church, nor are we opposed to denominations as such, only their over-emphasis of doctrinal differences that have led to the division of the body of Christ.

We seek the unity of the Spirit in a bond of peace and love, and believe that God has called us to a unique ministry that fulfills His special purpose in this generation.

We believe:
that the only true basis of Christian fellowship is His (Agape) love, which is greater than any differences we possess and without which we have no right to claim ourselves Christians. (1 John 4:20)


We believe:
worship of God should be Spiritual. Therefore: We remain flexible and yielded to the Holy Spirit to direct our worship.


We believe:
worship of God should be Inspirational. Therefore: We give a great place to music in our worship.


We believe:
worship of God should be Intelligent. Therefore: Our services are designed with great emphasis upon teaching of the Word of God that He might instruct us how He should be worshiped.


We believe:
worship of God is Fruitful. Therefore: We look for His Love in our lives as the supreme manifestation that we have truly been worshiping Him. (John 13:35)
If you’re familiar with the Calvary Chapel model of ministry, you understand the above professions, and our heart of ministry.  If not, we’re sure that you want a little more detail.  Our doctrine is evangelical, and our theology orthodox.  We fully support and proclaim the orthodox creeds of our Christian faith.

I believe in God, the Father almighty,
creator of heaven and earth.

I believe in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, our Lord,
who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,
born of the virgin Mary,
suffered under Pontius Pilate,
was crucified, died, and was buried;
he descended to the dead.
On the third day he rose again;
he ascended into heaven,
he is seated at the right hand of the Father,
and he will come again to judge the living and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the global church,
the communion of saints,
the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body,
and the life everlasting. AMEN.

We profess, teach and live that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.  We profess, teach, and live that grace changes everything.  Thus, we seek holy lives of continual transformation through the power of the Spirit and Word, while fleeing the false righteousness of legalism.  This is lived out through an atmosphere of genuine community in the body, built on Agape love and care one for another, with great trust in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.  If you’re seeking a place to be loved where you are, while being encouraged and instructed in your pursuit of a transformed life, come and be a part of what God is doing among us.