About us…

Wellspring Church is an affiliated Calvary Chapel church, formerly know as ‘Calvary Chapel Ooltewah’. Why the name change? Well, let me tell you a story or two…

In John 7, Jesus was in Jerusalem at one of Israel’s religious feasts. He was knee deep in the religiosity that Israel had turned their feasts into–surrounded by scribes and Pharisees that hung laws and religion on peoples’ necks like stones that weighed them down. Jesus was famous by this time. Everyone was asking questions about Him. At the height of these questions, He spontaneously stood up and shouted:

Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.

That’s what He wanted to be known as, the source of the Holy Spirit that satiates and empowers. In contrast to religion and hopelessness, He wanted to be known as the source of living water.

In John 4, Jesus had an appointment that only he knew about. He walked miles through the hot Israeli sun to a particular well in Samaria, and awaited a particular woman to show up alone. She was a sinner–divorced repeatedly and living with a man who wasn’t her husband–apparently so sinful that she couldn’t even gather water at the well in cool of the morning with the other women of Samaria; she had to gather alone in the noon-day sun..

She was lost, alone, and cast aside.  So Jesus wanted to meet her. She was just the kind of person that Jesus came for.

He directed the conversation toward her sins, then did something amazing. He offered her living water, and promised that if she drank of it she would never thirst again. He offered her the Holy Spirit. Spiritual life. Spiritual nourishment. Spiritual power that would radically change her life and call her to change the community around her.

That’s what’s in the name ‘Wellspring’. It’s what defines our church and our mission. We’re a bunch of sinners that met Jesus, took Him up on His offer, and rely on the Living Water to satiate us, well up in us, and flow from us into the lives of others. We want to see this river of living water flow into our community and change lives. And we want everything about our ministry–including our church name–to communicate this.

Dictionary.com defines wellspring as: “a source or supply of anything, especially when considered inexhaustible”. We want to be a conduit of that living water in the lives of the community and its individuals. We want to connect you to its source, Jesus Christ–to connect with you as you grow in His love, and equip you to overflow with that water of life into the lives of others. We want to be a wellspring, and invite you to be one too.



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